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Digital Wall Coverings & Wallpapers


Digital wallcoverings get your message across loud and clear!

Digitally printed wallcoverings provide a low cost opportunity to deliver very high impact visual messages whether this be for work or pleasure.

With digital print there is virtually no limit to the unique designs you can create, from large scale artistic designs many metres high and wide, to a 3 metre length of wall covering bearing your logo or brand name or even a digital photo . Why not make that dull office space or meeting room a more creative and enjoyable space. Transform your children’s room into a magical place that comes to life. Of help bring the outside in with wall coverings such as forest, landscape coverings. Look at the walls around you and just imagine the possibilities.

Because each project is unique it makes it a personal touch to your home or business and we ensure we produce a finished printed design tailored to your specific requirements. We use quality materials to make sure all our work is produced to the highest standard we feel we can possibly offer.

If you would like help creating or developing your design we can provide this as well as quoting for hanging the wallpaper too for local customers.

It’s your wall, your vision, your mark, your footprint.

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