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Refurbish, Renovate & Reuse

December 10, 2019

In these days of increased environmental awareness it’s never been more important to reuse existing materials to limit our environmental impact, not to mention the significant cost savings this can offer.

We have a wide range of materials and techniques available to bring old and tired signage, retail display units and interior decor and furniture back to life, saving significant cost and wastage.

Retail Display & Merchandising Units

We’ve completed a fair number of refurbishments of retail fixtures and fittings for John Lewis stores over the last couple of years.¬†With strict budgets and environmental concerns in mind there was one clear option that stood out, to clad, fill & totally wrap these tired and worn retail displays with a stylish matt textured decorative laminate. Installation was achieved with no mess and minimal disturbance meaning the area could continue to trade while we completed the work. The perfect solution, and a great finish which means these units will continue to give good service for years to come.


Architectural Film | Interior Refurbishment | Retail Signage

Architectural Film | Interior Refurbishment | Retail Signage


Desk Refurbishments

Decorative laminate films are also ideal for bringing new life to office furniture at a fraction of the cost of replacement. These battered desks looked super smart after refurbishing them with these 3M Di-Noc decorative films.


Architectural Film | Desk Refurbishment | Decorative Laminates


Reception Areas

This hospital reception area is a great example of how decorative laminates can transform tired furniture and fittings for a very modest cost and without creating waste. Stripping back the existing decor and applying the NHS blue textured architectural film delivered a huge cost saving compared to ripping out the whole area and the disruption and dust it would have caused.

Architectural Film | Interior Refurbishment | Signage


Exterior Signage Refurbishment

We were commissioned to bring these beautiful bronze letters back to their former glory. With some careful restoration and a bit of elbow grease they came back as good as new!

Exterior Signs | Signage & Graphics | Sign Refurbishment

If you have old signs or displays, reception areas or retail fixtures and fittings in need of updating, refurbishment and reuse could be the ideal solution – it’s not always a case of replacing and having to start again. Refurbishment can kinder on the wallet and the environment, and still give you a great finished result.

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