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Shopping Centre Signage

January 16, 2020

In today’s ultra competitive retail environment every part of the retail space must work hard to attract interest and build brand awareness. Custom printed floor graphics, escalator branding and wraps and window films and graphics all play an important part in making the shopping centre a canvas where brands can reinforce awareness and interest amongst shoppers.

Custom Printed Floor Graphics

We regularly work with retail outlets and shopping centres to design and install a range of printed vinyl floor graphics to promote seasonal events, product launches and promotions. Floor graphics are used in stores, shopping centres, airports and exhibitions, and are tough, scuff and slip resistant and will adhere to most floor surfaces.


Shopping Centre Graphics | Vinyl Graphic Films | Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics | Vinyl Floor Stickers | Shopping Centre Signage


Escalator Graphics & Wraps

Escalators provide another great opportunity to display large format custom printed graphics and messages. This unusual medium is also ideally placed to make a lasting impact with shoppers, with an average of 30 seconds or so spent on the escalator to really absorb the message.


Retail Graphics | Vinyl Films | Shopping Centre Graphics

Retail Graphics | Vinyl Films | Shopping Centre Graphics


Public Areas

There are a range of public areas in shopping centres which provide further opportunities to deliver messages and build awareness, interest and attention. Display pods, washrooms and temporary hoardings can all benefit from the Footprint Graphics treatment!


Floor Graphics | Floor Films | Vinyl Films


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