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Social Distancing

April 10, 2020

Stay Safe, Protect your NHS, Save Lives

We hear it every day now and it can’t be stressed how important the social distancing guidance is for prevention of the wider spread of the Coronavirus.

All owners of properties that have visitors, be they customers, staff, guests or suppliers should provide appropriate reminders and guidance to ensure everyone practices safe social distancing. We need to keep each other safe.

Keep Safe With Social Disatancing

At Footprint, we are able to produce standard or bespoke signage for floors, windows or in the traditional format to ensure your premises encourage compliance and protect those living, working or visiting the property.

It may be a simple “Keep your Distance” message or some advice on the use of elevators, “Be Patient, one user at a time”. It is easy to forget the guidance, particularly when people initially come inside, so to keep everyone safe, use the right messages to remind all to show appropriate respect and keep their distance.

We can apply logos or direct personal messages to signage so it is clear the message is from you. We can also add support / protect your NHS messages.

Even when lockdown restrictions are lifted there will no doubt be guidance on keeping social distancing going for a further period. it won’t be a simple revert to normality. Be ready!

We all need to work together to beat this virus, play your part. Say safe, protect your NHS, save lives.

The Footprint Team