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Finding Our Way

October 8, 2022

Wayfinding is a term often used in the context of buildings and public spaces and refers to solutions which help guide people through physical spaces. Signage and graphics play a very important part in effective wayfinding solutions and are also a great way to build a brand identity with clients, visitors and employees.

We collaborate with professional wayfinding consultants to design signage which ensures building users can navigate and use buildings effectively. Recently we’ve been involved in a number of wayfinding projects- here’s a small selection.

Arm Technology

We recently installed the wayfinding signage for the new Arm office in Fulbourn.


Wayfinding Signage | Signmakers Cambridge | Footprint Signs & Graphics

Wayfinding Signage | Signmakers Cambridge


NHS & Salvation Army

We modified a number of NHS wayfinding signs to change logos and details without the need for any new signage to be fitted.

The Salvation Army has one of the longest established charity shops in Cambridge and we were delighted to work with them on adding some new directional signs to direct people to the donation drop off area at the Barn.


Wayfinding Signage | Signmakers Cambridge | Footprint Signs & Graphics


Cambridge University

Another fantastic project for Cambridge University, installing new wayfinding signage for The Babbage Lecture theatre as part of the New Museums project.


Wayfinding Signage | Signmakers | Footprint Signs & Graphics Cambridge


Solar Film for Windows

And finally, something a little different but topical for the summer, our team were fully tested with a very tricky externally fitted solar film project. We had an epic week of early starts to dodge the sun, working against the clock to fit before the heat hit the main reception area by midday. A challenging large panel fit out of external high grade solar film to block out harmful rays and annoying glare in the entrance lobby and waiting area. Although this large scale project tested us we once again proved the Footprint team is up for whatever challenge is thrown at us!


Solar Window Film | Glass Film to reduce solar glare

Solar Window Glass Film | Window Film to reduce solar glare