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Anti Microbial Protection Film

August 18, 2020

Purezone Anti Microbial Film

PUREZONE Antimicrobial Film is not only effective against bacteria, but it also provides protection against coronaviruses.

Last month we were delighted to hear that materials produced by one of our suppliers, Hexis, has been able to get ISO 21702 certification for its PUREZONE antimicrobial film. This means that it is not only effective against bacteria it also provides protection against coronaviruses.

This product has been in development since 2013 and can reduce the presence of coronaviruses by 95& after 15 minutes and by 99.9% after contact of 1 hour.

PUREZONE Antimicrobial products are used to protect surfaces from door handles to touch screens and have been used in hospitals, theme parks, restaurants or at reception desks in offices and hotels. The uses are endless and the skills needed for application are those held by vinyl wrap trained operatives like the team at Footprint Signs & Graphics.

If you want to protect your staff, customers and other visitors to your premises this may be an excellent product to consider.

Please get in touch to discuss further how the Hexis PUREZONE product can be used via the Quick Enquirty Form below, via email at or by calling +44 (0)1223 608082.