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Interior Finishes

Imagine being able to completely transform your work space into something new and exciting but in less time, with less mess and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional renovation methods. Well now you can with our architectural film.

Architectural finishes are self-adhesive decorative laminate materials that are designed for interior decoration and refurbishment projects, with around 900 patterns available. Finishes available include metal, fabric, stone, wood and marble.

Every surface becomes a potential project to refurbish and redesign the space. Endless application opportunities are possible on ceilings, walls, facades, doors, columns, bars, counters, cupboards, lifts, partitions, department stores, offices, restaurants, lobbies, bathrooms, hospitals, banks and conference rooms.

Architectural films are also a great way to bring new life to tired retail displays and fittings, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the units.

Key benefits include:

  • Cost savings – projects using decorative films and laminates reduce costs by an average of 80% compared to traditional remodelling
  • Less noise – in many cases, installation can be completed without power equipment and other distractions
  • Faster to install – minimal preparation is required for fast product application
  • Less mess – no demolition and minimal equipment required
  • Easier to repair – damaged film can easily be repaired
  • Peace of mind – decorative laminates are fire resistant and IMO certified for marine

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