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Architectural Film Solutions

April 23, 2021

If you are looking for a cost-effective interior design or refurbishment the modern, flexible architectural film wrap solution needs to be considered. With a huge range of textures, patterns and colours the only limit to your project is your imagination.

Creating a quality look by wrapping existing surfaces, both flat and 3D, avoiding landfill and disruption of traditional refurbishment projects is a more sustainable solution and can be completed in less time than a traditional refurbishment option.

If you have quality furnishings that are just a little tired looking why not bring new life to them rather than replace them with cheaper, lower-quality budget fixtures and furnishings?

Widely used in other parts of the world this approach is becoming more popular in the UK. With the materials manufactured by leading companies like 3M, fully trained installers can be relied upon to transform your space to make a design statement.

Think about interior, exterior and glass finishes when considering a design. Textures like fabric, leather and even glitter can be added to wood, stone, marble or metallic effect surfaces giving interior designers massive scope and bespoke solutions.

Practical examples include the refurbishment of hotel receptions areas, hotel rooms, retail space and hospitality venues. The huge advantage of minimal disruption gives the added benefit of reduced or no lost operating time and revenue. This factor is often the hidden cost of a traditional refurbishment project and can make the architectural film solution even more attractive in financial terms.

Case study – Transformation of Grand Arcade Cabinets

Office wrapping and washroom projects are also popular and when combined with anti-microbial applications can assist with health and safety issues needing to be addressed in the current climate.

If you would like to discuss the range of finishes and how you can transform your space please do give us a call on 01223 608082 and we can arrange an appointment. We can answer questions on quality, longevity, deal with practical matters like fire ratings and waterproofing which may be key factors in your project.